Stardrop is a character owned by Lowe Bros. Studios and is one of the 5 characters unlocked from the start. They come from two games called Stardrop Sprint and Stardrop Blaster.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"As a supernova sentry, Stardrop was sent by the lords of the cosmos to bring justice to the universe. Running at the speed of a shooting star, defying gravity, and utilizing a wide array of cosmic magic, Stardrop has brought entire civilizations to their knees." ― Stardrop's Trophy Description.
"Their mission in life is to invade planets & conquer all native life. This is why Stardrop was tasked to enter the Xeneorg homeworld, delve into its molten core, & self-explode to destroy it from the inside. They now reside on a space station, regrouping...planning." ― Xenorg's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

Stardrop is a shooting star originating from two iOS games, Stardrop Blaster and Stardrop Sprint.

Summary Edit

04- Stardrop – Indie Pogo

04- Stardrop – Indie Pogo

Stardrop is a lightweight character in Indie Pogo. They are very fast and mobile in the air, able to trick his opponent with their mobility. Since they are a starting character, their moves are easy to understand for beginners, and they are also the character used to complete the tutorial.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Nova Firework : Stardrop causes a firework explosion both to their left and their right. It deals 5 damage, has good KO potential and is overall very quick. Stardrop is able to retain his momentum when doing this attack, thus allowing him to move in air. This attack has recovery frames, where he will spin in the air : in this state, Stardrop can not perform any Pogo attack and is then vulnerable.

Up Aerial | Cosmic Comet : Stardrop turns into a ball and dashes through the opponent, dealing 9 damage. The button can be held to keep his ball form a little longer while slowing his descent. The dash can then be angled with the stick. It is a good recovery option when going offstage. The move can be angled downward after a Pogo to perform a Pogo Combo. Succesfully hitting an opponent with this attack refreshes it.

Down Aerial | Groundward Starshot: Stardrop launches a Star below them, that splits into 5 little Stars a few moments after. The main star does 8 damage, but is difficult to use properly. The 5 stars cover a good amount of space while doing 4 damage. Stardrop will hover when doing this attack and then do a hop.

Grounded Charge | Celestial Calling : Stardrop summons a Star from the sky. The Star in itself doesn't do damage, but when the button is released, it will turn into a horizontal laser covering a lot of range, doing between 6 and 9 damage. If Stardrop fails to time the attack, he will clap with his hands, doing 9 damage but having an hitbox around him.

SUPER | Superstar : Stardrop turns into a ball that deals 2 damage and can be controlled in the air. A press of the attack button will make Stardrop dash towards where the stick is angled, doing 5 damage. The super lasts 7 seconds and a maximum of 8 dashes can be performed in that time. Stardrop remains in this state for a while and is able to juggle his opponent. They are invulnerable when dashing, but can be Pogoed when in ball form, cancelling the Super.

Alternate Skins Edit

Keep in mind, all but one of Stardrops color palettes have no relation to his games whatsoever.

Cyan Edit

Based off of Stardrop’s appearance in Stardrop Blaster.

Pink Edit

Stardrop in a pink color palette.

Blue Edit

Based off of the color palette of a Xenorg.

Purple Edit

Stardrop in a purple color palette.

Silver Edit

Stardrop in a silver color palette.

Money/Green (Kickstarter Exclusive Skin) Edit

Stardrop with money raining from his head, wearing sunglasses and a green Kickstarter-Exclusive bodysuit.

Rainbow (Additional Costume) Edit

Stardrop flashing in multiple colors.

Strategy Edit

"Insert your strategy here" ― Insert your username here

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Stardrop was the 4th character to be added to the game.[2]
  • Stardrop also serves as the game's icon.
  • The character card on Kickstarter listed Stardrop Blaster as the game of origin, but the Space Junction screenshot used is actually from Stardrop Sprint.
  • Trevor once joked that Stardrop's only emotion is happiness. [3]
    • As a polar opposite to the above, Money Stardrop is frowning in most of his animations.
  • Stardrop's silver palette is likely based off Ultra Instinct Goku. This is due to a running joke during the first Indie Pogo tournament wherein high-level Stardrop plays from the developer Trevor sparked the moniker "Ultra Instinct Stardrop" from spectators.
  • The large star projectile used in Stardrop's down aerial attack can also be seen as the cursor on the game's main menu.

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