Shovel Knight is a character owned by Yacht Club Games and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in his eponymous game, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"A practitioner of the ancient code of Shovelry. Shovel Knight can do almost anything with his signature weapon: the Shovel Blade. He uses it to mercilessly attack, dig up treasure & bounce on foes in search of his long lost partner Shield Knight, against all odds." ― Shovel Knight's Trophy Description.
For Shovel Knight's Hard Mode trophy, see Ornate Plate.

Character Origin Edit

Shovel Knight is a knight wearing a blue armor, the Stalwart Plate, and wielding his weapon of choice, the Shovel Blade. In Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope, his own campaign, he goes on a quest to rescue Shield Knight who was sealed in the Tower of Fate, and will encounter many enemies and challenges along the way, like the Order of No Quarter: A merciless Order of villainous knight volunteering to seize control over the land.[2]

Summary Edit

13- Shovel Knight – Indie Pogo

13- Shovel Knight – Indie Pogo

Shovel Knight is a somewhat heavy character. He is not beginner-friendly and takes time to understand, hence having to unlock him. He has a special property that no other characters have: His Shovel Drop, used by holding the control stick down, is an alternative to the Pogo Attack, by which he can retain his Pogo Combo.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Shovel Swipe: Shovel Knight uses his trusty Shovel Blade to perform a Dig Slash and inflicts 8 damage. The move has good KO potential but has a little bit of delay. It can also reflect projectiles, including Teslakid's Lightning Ball and Penelope's Vampire mines. Interestingly, Shovel Knight claims any Vampire Mine as his own, and even heal him. Shovel Knight can also reflect Blockman's blocks after a stomp, but despite this they will still damage him if he touches them mid-flight

Up Aerial | Infinidagger: Shovel Knight uses his Propeller Dagger to lift high into the air. This attack deals a minimum 8 damage and a maximum of 15 damage when ascending. Holding the button will lift him even more and make him hover in the air for a few seconds. In this state, if an enemy touches the tip of the dagger, it will deal 3 damage. This move is really good to recover both horizontally and vertically but leaves Shovel Knight vulnerable once he is hovering.

Down Aerial | Fishing Rod: Shovel Knight uses his Fishing Rod. The Anchor of the rod can deal 7 damage when falling on the ground. The Anchor will stay on the ground until it's used again, retracting back to Shovel Knight, dealing 7 damage. The move can be cancelled by pressing the dodge button. If the Anchor falls offstage, Shovel Knight is able to catch a Troupple and heal 5 HP.

Grounded Charge | Mobile Gear: Shovel Knight uses his Mobile Gear to move on the ground. The Gear in itself does 4 damage. Shovel Knight can jump while riding the Mobile Gear. When jumping on the Mobile Gear, he can release the attack button to shoot the Gear downward, dealing between 4 and 9 damage. Shovel Knight can release the attack button on the ground to jump out of it and deal 6 damage with a Shovel Thrust. Shovel Knight has super armor when he performs the Shovel Thrust. The Shovel Thrust cancels on hit, allowing for a follow-up.

SUPER | War Horn: Shovel Knight uses his War Horn and blows around him, dealing 2 damage in rapid succession. Shovel Knight is invulnerable during his Super. This Super has really good KO potential.

Shovel Drop: The Shovel Drop is Shovel Knight's unique trait. By holding Down to do a Shovel Drop, the player is able to jump off enemies to do 2 damage. It is quicker, but weaker than a Pogo Attack. The Shovel Drop cannot be performed while in helpless state. It can be used to bounce off the floor and keep a Pogo Combo instead of landing and cashing it. Shovel Dropping on an opponent doesn't reset the air jump nor any move, but Shovel Dropping on the ground does.

Alternate Skin Edit

Blue (Stalwart Plate) Edit

Shovel Knight in the Stalwart Plate armor (Base Skin).

Red (Final Guard) Edit

Shovel Knight in the Final Guard armor.

Purple (Conjurer's Coat) Edit

Shovel Knight in the Conjurer’s Coat armor.

White (Dynamo Mail) Edit

Shovel Knight in the Dynamo Mail armor.

Black (Mail of Momentum / Black Knight) Edit

Shovel Knight in the Mail of Momentum armor, or could be based off the color palette of his rival; Black Knight.

Gold (Ornate Plate) Edit

Shovel Knight in his golden Ornate Plate armor. While using this skin, Shovel Knight emits glowing particles.

Green (Player 2) Edit

Based on the appearance of Player 2 in Shovel Knight‘s co-op mode.

Strategies Edit

  • Shovel Knight can Shovel Drop out of a roll jump to keep his momentum and eventually bounce off foes or the ground.
  • Shovel Knight can cancel his SUPER by retracting the fishing rod's anchor.

"Shovel Knight is SO close to A tier, but he does have a few openings on his diagonals. His damage output and punish potential with his nair is great, his up air is really risky but can be utilized well up close. His down air is very specific and also risky, not always worth setting up. His ground attack is really wonky, not sure how on earth to utilize it yet." ― Chaokobon
"Shovel Knight focuses on the maestry of the shovel drop, since it's your combo extensor, it retains your combo and resets all of your moves (if touching the ground). It is also reccomended to check the characters' weight class, 'cause the shovel drop affects your opponent early, if he/she is using a lightweight character. Finally, try to connect the other moves shovel knight has with the shovel drop: you could always do a shovel swipe, and then, start doing shovel drops, or, while shovel dropping, use your infinidagger, so you start shovel dropping again." ― Bandana Blue

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Trivia Edit

  • Shovel Knight was revealed during the Kickstarter trailer, and as such is the first character to be revealed during the Kickstarter in its entirety.
  • Shovel Knight uses the Dust Knuckles when performing a rolling leap.
    • Additionally, he dodges by using the Phase Locket and its titular sound.
    • Shovel Knight also drops Gold bags when dying. Collecting these in Arcade Mode, as of Patch, rewards players with the "Treasure Hunter" bonus.
  • Shovel Knight was the 13th character added to the game.[3]
  • Shovel Knight's palette swaps correlate to the various armor he can purchase in his original game.
  • Shovel Knight has two unused sprites in the game files. These were used for a scrapped move and can be viewed in the Gallery above. It is unknown what the move consisted of.
  • Shovel Knight was revealed in Rivals of Aether on August 8th. He retains several moves from Indie Pogo like the Shovel Drop, the Fishing Rod and the Propeller Dagger, but features more attacks and original mechanics.
  • Shovel Knight was implemented in the game July of 2017.
  • Shovel Knight's Up Aerial attack is called "Infinidagger", despite the blue burrower clearly using the Propeller Dagger, curiously the same way as he uses the Rising Dagger from Shovel of Hope. This move can be considered as an amalgamate of every Dagger relic.

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