This major patch brings a new Tournament Mode and a brand new Training Mode, as well as several additions and changes.

Patch Notes Edit

Additions Edit

  • Tourney Mode - Online and Local
  • Training Mode
  • 3 New Trophies added to the Gachapon
  • 3 New Taunts added to the shop
  • Kickstarter-exclusive skin for Stardrop unlocked at default
  • Match options now include 1HP, 50HP, and 99HP
  • Orcane's SUPER remade from scratch
  • New save system that allows players to transfer save files

Changes Edit

  • Blockman's kicked blocks damage from 8 to 5
  • Blockman's kicked blocks no longer spike downward
  • Velocispider neutral aerial max damage from 8 to 10
  • Viridian movement vertical speed slowed slightly
  • Welltaro SUPER now has unlimited ammo
  • Welltaro empty ammo on Bouncy castle issue fixed
  • New animation when Orcane rolls over his puddle
  • Stardrop neutral cooldown palette correction
  • Dodges wait 5 frames before restoring foot hitbox to user
  • Profile names now shown after a player locks in on character select screen
  • Pogo Pantheon now unlocks Sovereign Deck after defeating Hard Mode
  • Players can no longer get beyond blast zones
  • New logic for determining winner for timed HP Battles
  • Bug fixed where Shovel Knight death sequence couldn't end on Blockman's block
  • Bug fixed on Blocks Cometh challenge where Blockman got stuck in block tower