This patch brings some content addition in the game, such as two new Additional costume and a single-player Challenge, as well as bug fixes.

Patch Notes Edit

Additions Edit

  • Lilac's FP2 skin available by default
  • Golden Blockman skin (codes sent via Email) now available for Kickstarter backers
  • New Shovel Knight challenge: Fishin' Impossible
  • 2 new trophies added to the Gachapon

Changes Edit

  • Fixed Velocispider's dodge palette
  • You can no longer pop teammate Welltaro's balloon in Team Battle
  • Stardrop's Down Aerial shrapnel stars no longer hit teammates in Team Battle
  • Rematch screen cursors now face correct way when players drop out mid-match
  • Camera is now static when The Guide appears so you can always see ground

Trivia Edit

  • The newly added FP2 outfit for Lilac was initially planned (among others) to be worked on at least a few months after the game's launch. However, a user on the official Discord by the name of BrawlersintheZone posted a mockup of what the outfit would look like. Trevor noticed the work and contacted him to work on the costume.