This patch brings quality of life changes as various bug fixes and additions.

Patch Notes Edit

Additions Edit

  • New Welltaro challenge - Balloon Protection
  • Keyboard uses can now create profiles and taunts

Changes Edit

  • Velocispider regains the air jump back after starting grounded charge
  • Velocispider neutral max damage lowered from 9 to 8
  • Jack's boomerang minimum throw range increased very slightly
  • Online Join Screen now has a direct link to Discord for match-making
  • Shop item shuffling can now be done for free instead of for 10 coins
  • Polar Dimension has no ceiling when hazards are off
  • AI level can now be lowered to zero for training purposes
  • Crow head-jump damage lowered from 5 to 3 on Normal Mode
  • Crow drill dash damage lowered from 11 to 8 on Normal Mode
  • Crow pauses longer between each dash damage on Normal Mode
  • Defeating Crow with a SUPER now yields the 'SUPER Finish' bonus
  • Taunting after defeating Crow now yields the 'Taunter' bonus
  • Viridian bug fixed when using gravity swap after using a walljump or a rolling leap

Patch Notes - Patch Edit

Changes Edit

  • Fixed bug where button-mapping for keyboard deleted visuals
  • Fixed bug with profiles on Pogo Pantheon & Crow challenges