Jack is a character owned by Dream's Bell and is one of the 5 characters unlocked from the start. He comes from a game called Jack the Reaper.

Trophy Quote Edit

"When the moon falls, bring the spirits of the afterlife to the mortal world, there's only one hero you should call on to restore the natural order. The Angel of Death: Jack the Reaper! By collecting the spirits of defeated foes, he can equip and combine weapons." ― Jack's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

Jack is a cute, little grim reaper, but do not get fooled by his appearance! As the Angel of Death, he had to go on a quest to save the world when the moon fell and brung upon it spirits of the afterlife.

Summary Edit

06-Jack – Indie Pogo

06-Jack – Indie Pogo

As Jack is a starting character, his moveset is pretty straightforward yet pretty diverse at the same time. He is a lightweight character with heavy combo potential. Jack has a unique trait, as he can hover by holding the Jump button.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Sickle Boomerang : Jack throws a boomerang. The boomerang can be thrown in 1 of 8 directions, being cardinal directions or diagonals. The boomerang can be aimed when in midair, and charged to extends its range. It deals 1 damage but can hit multiple times, as well as having high KO potential. It will disappear if bouncing on a wall, but otherwise will come back to Jack, potentially dealing even more damage. This move is great for starting or continuing a combo.

Up Aerial | Sickle Rocket : Jack dashes horizontally and performs a double scythe swipe, dealing 7 damage. The button can be held to rise higher, delaying the swipe. This move has Super Armor.

Down Aerial | Spikeball : Jack releases a spikeball below him, dealing 7 damage. The button can be held to keep the spike ball swinging on the stage, dealing between 1 and 5 damage, based on movement. If Jack gets Pogoed, the spike ball disappears. If he uses it close to the ground, it will propel him up in the air, giving more vertical distance the closer he was to the ground.

Grounded Charge | Burrow : Jack buries himself in the ground and then reappear while swiping with his scythe claws, dealing 7 damage. The more the move is charged, the higher up Jack will go. He can be knocked out of his burrow without taking damage by most downward attacks.

SUPER | Chaos Drill : Jack summons rotating drills around him, quickly going away as time passes. Each drill does 10 damage each time they hit an opponent.

Alternate Skins Edit

Black Edit

Based on Jack’s appearance in Jack the Reaper (Base Skin).

Blue Edit

Possibly based on one of the soul/copy ability colors.

Purple Edit

Possibly based on one of the soul/copy ability colors. Could also be a reference to Meta Knight's color palette from Kirby.[1]

Gray Edit

Possibly based on one of the soul/copy ability colors.

Red Edit

Could be a reference to the Shy Guy's color palette from Mario.

Strategies Edit

"If your in a match with 3 or 4 players, you should NAir (Neutral Aerial) from a slight distance, but if your in a 1v1 match or if your up close and personal in any, you should DAir (Down Aerial)." ― Breeky
"Jacks DAir is very useful on certain stages when used efficiently. Due to the way it moves you can maneuver it onto the other side of a wall to potentially hit you're opponent while being completely safe. Plus the utility of it bouncing you in the air if it hits the ground before coming back up the first time can be used to gain extra height without losing your air jump." ― Numb Knot
"After the patch, Jack has more trouble camping higher platforms with NAir. Try to close the gap with slowly approaching, mid-charge NAirs and roll kicks. Then try to build combos with stuff like roll kick -> DAir -> UAir -> NAir. When you have enough for a Super, use it up close and at an upward diagonal angle. This can help you get combos for 30HP or more off just one Super." ― ¿Query?

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Trivia Edit

  • Jack was the first character to be nerfed, during the backer-exclusive build. His Neutral Aerial dealt 2 damage instead of 1.
    • As of Patch Jack is the first and only character to be nerfed 2 times, with his down aerial when being held only doing 4 damage instead of 5.
  • Jack is the only playable character who's original game was not complete at the time of Indie Pogo's release.
  • Until Patch, Jack had the least number of alternate skins of any character (four skins, less than most characters' five). After a request from the winner of the Battle of the Leap Lords Query, a Shy Guy skin was added.
  • Jack was 6th character to be added to the game[2]

Patch Changes Edit Edit

  • Damage of Neutral Air reduced (2 -> 1). Edit

  • Damage of Down Aerial while bouncing reduced (5 -> 4).

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