Game Modes are the different ways to play Indie Pogo.

Battle Edit

Singleplayer Edit


Arcade Battle Edit

Arcade Battle is a mode where the player will take on fights one after another until they encounter the final boss. Finishing Normal mode with a fighter unlocks a trophy of this fighter that be viewed in the Shop island. The player starts Arcade Battle with 3 lives and have to take down each fighter once to progress. Each fight takes place in a different set stage.

Challenges Edit

In Challenges, the player will have to do a certain task using a specific character. These tasks comes with Normal and Hard mode and sometimes give rewards upon completion.

Break the targets (coming soon) Edit

Local Match Edit

In Local Match, up to 4 players or CPU-controlled fighter can battle. Players can choose characters, set up specific rules such as the number of Lives or the Time, set Stage Hazards or Super on or off, and choose a Stage to fight on. Completing a Local Match awards the player with coins.

Online Match Edit

In Online Match, the player can fight other player in created rooms. It works exactly like Local Match, but an Input Delay can be changed to diminish Lag, and the host can decide certain parameters.

Shop Edit

Main article : Shop

Options Edit

In the options menu, located in the top-left of the main menu screen, the player can set multiple audiovisual settings, create profiles, change controls and set taunts. Each option is listed below:

Profiles and Controls Edit

Allows players to create and delete profiles for use in gameplay. After selecting a profile, players can then edit their controls and set taunts for use in-game.

Graphics Edit

  • Vsync: When enabled, it causes the graphics processor's frames to sync with the monitor's refresh rate. This stops graphical issues due to the two being out of sync. Enabling this may cause slight input delay.
  • Fullscreen: When enabled, it puts the game into fullscreen mode.
  • Window Zoom: Only available when fullscreen is disabled. Changes the size of the game window in windowed mode, 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x options are available.

Audio Edit

Allows the player to set the volume of music, ambient sounds and sound effects, as well as reset all three to their default value of 30%.

Screenshake Edit

Allows the player to set the intensity of screenshake during gameplay. Default value is 70%.

Reset Game Data Edit

Resets the players save data, restoring it to the original state found when first playing the game.

Tutorial Edit

Replays the tutorial and intro sequence positioned at the beginning of the game.

Exit Edit

Allows the player to leave the options menu screen and arrive back at the main menu.