In Challenges, the player will have to do a certain task using a specific character.

Most challenges are unlocked once the respective character becomes playable. Other bonus challenges require multiple fighters to unlock, such as Pogo Pantheon, or completion of other modes, such as Crow's Challenge.

These tasks comes with Normal and Hard mode, with coin rewards based on your clear time (15 for fast times and 10 for slower times) and sometimes special rewards for specific challenges.

List of ChallengesEdit

Name Character Objective Normal Reward Hard Reward
Reach the goal using only Parkour such as rolling and wall jumping. Coins Coins
The Blocks Cometh
Ascend to the top of the block tower. Coins Coins
Block Shots
Stomp your blocks from different heights to kick them thru hoops. Coins Coins
Rainbow Trail
Commander Video-portrait
Defeat all enemies while you have a rainbow trail active. Coins Coins
Watery Rivals
Defeat your aquatic adversary: Orcane! Coins Coins
Death's Doorstep
Defeat all the Blockmans who are low on HP. Coins Coins
Girl Power
Team up with Penelope and show the boys who's boss! Coins Coins
Aquatic Adversaries
Defeat your aquatic adversary: Fishy! Coins Coins
Fire At Whale
Douse the flames covering the other players! Coins Coins
Vampire Thriving
Use your Vampire Mines to restore your HP from 5 up to 25! Coins Unlocks black "Color 5" skin for Penelope.
Shovel Pogo
Shovel Knight-portrait
Shovel Drop (control stick down) to knock the spikeball offscreen. Coins Coins
Fishin' Impossible
Shovel Knight-portrait
Drop your anchor below the screen to catch some fish. Coins Coins
Super Star
Defeat all enemies using Stardrop's SUPER. Press A to dash! Coins Coins
Bright Idea
Tesla Kid-portrait
Use Teslakid's down aerial to illuminate the lightbulbs. Coins Coins
Head VS Foot
Pit your head cannon against Welltaro's Gunboots! Coins Coins
Slam Dunk
Use Viridian's super to send enemies to the blast zone. Coins Coins
Balloon Protection
Protect your heart balloon at all cost! Coins Coins
Foot VS Head
Pit your Gunboots against Velocispider's head cannon. Coins Coins
Apple Picking
Eat all the apples out the treetops as fast as possible! Coins Coins
Pogo Pantheon
Defeat the entire launch roster of Pogo Fighters! Coins Unlocks Sovereign Deck as of Patch
Crow's Challenge
Unlocks Crow Trophy Unlocks Sovereign Deck Trophy